ABC Foxy



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6m - 4 years

Soft evolutive interactive fox that helps children learn body parts and how to get dressed in a fun entertaining way.
  • Evolutive puppet: starting from 6 months Foxy teaches babies first words and fun rhymes on the body parts and helps develop manual skills, plus by the age of 2, the little ones can start dress themself by following Foxy's fun and entertaining indications.
  • 3 manual activities inspired by the Montessori method (shoe's strap, glove and button) to help little ones develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills.
  • 4 electronic trigger points
  • More than 35 songs, melodies, nursery rhymes and words in 2 languages
  • High quality soft fabric
  • It teaches body parts and clothing items' names in 2 languages

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