Savvy Lite Baby Carrier, Cobblestone



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Joie Savvy Lite Baby Carrier, Cobblestone


Joie Savvy Lite 3 in 1 baby carrier - Cuddle your kiddo while you tackle your to-do list – this ergonomic carrier features 3 comfortable and convenient wearing modes so you can keep baby close wherever you go.

3 modes in 1 - choose the perfect position

With 3 carrying positions to choose from, you’ll never be without the perfect position you need to keep baby snuggly and close... and safely out of the way from the task you need to do.

Back Comfort Support

Lighten the load with a smart and secure back strap that distributes weight evenly and adjusts easily for a finetuned fit. With padded and plush shoulder straps, putting your back into it has never felt so comfortable.

Easy On. Easy Off.

Babywearing shouldn’t be a puzzle. Savvy lite makes it a snap with magnetic buckles that let you get the carrier on and adjusted easily by yourself.

Ergonomic M Shape

Optimal support lets your little one sit smart in an ergonomic M-shaped position that promotes healthy spine and hip development, certified hip healthy by the hip dysplasia institute.

C-shaped cradle - designed for spines

Careful engineering keeps your infant cradled in a naturally c-shaped spine position that’s best for proper spinal development.

Keeping your little one close to your heart shouldn’t be uncomfortable for either of you. So we designed our infant carrier with comfort for both of you in mind:

  • Lighten the load with a smart and secure strap that distributes weight evenly and adjusts easily for a finetuned fit
  • Soft but sturdy support cradles little heads so even the tiniest babies can snuggle up securely
  • Silky mercerized cotton is crafted to be extra soft against delicate baby skin
  • Airy, lightweight fabrics allow baby’s skin to breathe easy


Babywearing is meant to make life easier, so we designed a baby carrier that’s easy to use:

  • Easy to take baby in and out
  • Clever autoclick™ magnetic buckles on the shoulder straps allow you to easily put on and adjust the carrier by yourself
  • A handy sun hood means you can wear your baby without worrying about those bright sunny days.
  • Shoulder strap adjustment buckle slides smoothly
  • Cleanup is a snap with a removable absorbent infant bib that pops off


Joie designed their carrier to mimic your natural ability to reposition your baby as needed for the task at hand:

  • 3 carrying positions offer baby optimal support and a change of scenery all while keeping them close


  • Product weight: 0.97 kg
  • Waistband: 56-170 cm
  • Product size: w 35-76 x l 61-91 cm
  • Usage: 3.5 to 14 kg

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