Star Craddle (45x90 Cm)



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Width: 83 cm | Height: 93,5 cm | Depth: 63 cm

• Suitable for your baby's first 0-6 months of age.
Our cradle includes a mattress, bed cover, mosquito net and sleeping set.
• In line with the mothers' request, our sleeping set is designed to equip the head part of our baby bassinet.
• Our sleeping set is carefully sewn by skillful hands using different fabrics, embroideries and bindings.
• Our sleeping set includes side protection, duvet, fitted sheet and mosquito net.
• Our baby bassinet is designed to be easily moved and carried.
• Our cradle is designed to swing, in line with the mothers' request.
• In addition, the swing feature can be fixed when desired, thanks to the locking mechanism.

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