Squeeze Handle Safety Gate White



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  • For Doors or Stairs - this metal safety gate for kids or pets is suitable for openings with a width from 75 to 83 cm; convenient for childproofing doors and stairs
  • Pressure Fit - the safety gate is fixed with four fixing screws by pressure, that means neither drilling or screws are necessary; it leaves no trace once removed
  • Childproof Safety Lock - the double safety lock prevents children from opening the door; adults can open it with one hand only in both direction, leaving one hand free for the little treasure
  • Extensions - with hauck extensions of 7 cm or 14 cm, the gate can be extended up to 109 cm (with 2 x 14 cm extensions); these hauck extensions are sold separately
  • Self-Adjusting - that is upon opening the box there will be a gap between the lock which will close as you tighten the gate in place

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