Feber Trike Evo Plus 3X1



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  • The evolving Tricycle that becomes Chopper. It is a push trike, pedal trike and chopper-style trike.
    3 position push in 1 product only (Buggy, Trike and Chopper)
    Metal frame and safety bar for added security and convenience


    FEBER Evo trike plus 3 x 1. Adaptable is an evolutionary trike that can be used in 3 different ways according to the age of the child (from 12 months): Pedal Trike Tricycle ride, and chopper. A tricycle designed for the comfort of the parents, account with handle Adjustable in 3 positions according to the height of the adult, fabric bag, handle in the seat to facilitate its transport, metal structure and sturdy Oval Tube and Plastic Wheels; and for the safety of children with safety belt and safety bar, removable footrest, manual clutch for locking the pedals and tipper for the Chopper version. Let the trike 3 in 1 that becomes in chopper, with a plus of security and comfort for you.

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