Educational Fun Toilet Bowl, Cat Design



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    • Potty/toilet training reflects an important milestone in a child's development. We have developed a safe and easy-to-use training potty for children aged 1+. Pilsan Potty Training Chair installation takes less than 2 minutes.
    • There is no need for a step stool, baby chair or potty training chair as the Pilsan Potty Training Chair is perfectly designed for your toddler's height and includes everything you need. Your child will be excited and proud to sit on this adult toilet-like toilet and will quickly take off their diapers or training pants.
    • With its 5-point non-slip base, your children can sit comfortably. And on the front of the potty seat is integrated splash protection for boys.
    • Thanks to the illuminated music box with siphon sound effects, it makes toilet training fun for children. Thanks to its collapsible lid and toilet paper holder, it gives your child the feeling of an adult toilet and makes them very happy.
    • Our potty training chair is produced with raw suitable for child health, which do not contain carcinogenic substances, high quality and non-toxic materials ve safe material with smooth surface, takes good care of your baby's health.
    • Size: 26x41x45 Cm

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