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Made in Italy rocking side bed designed and manufactured at Brevi’s premises, Nanna Oh is a practical and safe bedside crib, with exclusive swinging function to lull your child, thanks to the rocking base Ease of use the rocking/locking device of the frame can be easily operated Standing up and without bending parents can approach the crib to the bed. Feet are equipped with non-slip rubbers. By a gentle pressure on each pedal, it’s practical to approach the crib to the bed Practical while making the bed Proper mattress Nanna Oh has a proper mattress to support the baby’s spine: neither too hard nor too soft, it’s 4,5 cm high Suitable for most of the beds easy and secure fastening system to parents’ bed, thanks to practical straps near the leg of the cradle. Nanna oh can be used as a traditional crib: it comes with a storage pocket for the fastening belts. Suitable for storage beds Lateral breathe-through tab when it is used as a traditional crib, the hinged lip has a mesh side window, which allows the child to see the space around him. This window also helps proper ventilation of the cradle Carrying bag provided easy to disassemble. It takes a small space and can be carried everywhere thanks to its transport bag (folded: 94,5x55x19 cm) 6 height positions the two simple buttons on the sides give the crib up to six height positions. (from 33.5 cm - position 1 - and up to 49.5 cm - position 6-) to suit the parents’ bed height Removable and washable fabric washable with delicate programs at 30°C (501 Bianconiglio: only hand washable). Removable and washable mat cover 4 concealed rubber wheels it is handy, lightweight, easy to transport, idealfor moving in the house Reclining function easy tilt adjustment, independently on both sides, to help the child breathe easier and help digestion Complies with EN 130 e SGS CdC per co-sleeping

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