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The  Munchkin Latch Newborn Starter Kit  contains 2 x 120ml bottles, 2 x 240ml bottles, 4 nipples 0 months + slow flow, 2 nipples 3 months + medium flow, 1 bottle brush and two cleaning brushes for pacifiers with a suction cup base. Munckin Latch bottles feature a Latch nipple that gives baby a more natural breastfeeding, similar to breastfeeding.

The pacifier stretches like the mother's breast thanks to its accordion shape  : it stretches during sucking until it reaches the soft palate area, which is the baby's comfort zone for sucking. Thanks to its texture and its 100% silicone composition , the teat compresses naturally when sucking to stimulate the arrival of milk, released at the rate of your child's sucking. Finally, Latch nipples follow the movement of baby's head: this allows the nipple to remain stuck to the mouth throughout the feeding, thus reducing the ingestion of air. Teats with  two different flow rates , adapted to the changing needs of your baby, are offered in this kit: 4 teats 0 months and more (slow flow) and 2 teats3 months and more (average flow ). Teats and bottles Latch guaranteed without Bisphenol A .

Latch bottles also include an anti-colic valve , located at the bottom of the bottle, which prevents air from entering the milk and allows optimal colic reduction. They are dishwasher safe and all their parts are removable.

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